Financing of this year’s spectacles trip to Tanzania is attained! – English

From November 16, 2021 til December 12, 2021, twelve voluntarily will travel with Bedre Syn Til Afrika, to evaluate vision and deliver spectacles to poor people in Tanzania. The trip is sponsored from private donations, CISU and a number of funds who has made it possible for us to travel away. During this trip, we expect to only be able to meet and examine 3000 persons. We hope that many will follow us on Facebook.

Next goal

There is a need for opticians in Tanzania. We are therefore working to take a team of final-year student optician with us to Tanzania. They will do vision tests and give spectacles in partnership with our local NGO. To complete this part of the project only, we must collect money, therefore all donations are welcome.

How are spectacles collected?

Private people and companies have installed collection boxes. Some boxes are accessible to the public, others are private for the company’s employees. When a box is full, we arrange for the delivery from the firm to KEA (the optician school).

How are the spectacles prepared?

When one is trained as an optician, one is also learning to handle the tools for spectales (screwdriver, …). We are partnering with KEA (Copenhagen School of Optometrists), so we collect the spectacles and the school is preparing them (clean, register in database, etc.). Students are trained only on real spectacles, which in the end makes them better opticians.

How do we transport spectacles?

In the past the spectacle were transported in a suitcase with a person. Now, it is also possible to ship them in containers.

How do we find the correct spectacles for the new owners?

In the process of cleaning the spectacles, we find out the strength and astigmatism and register them in a database. The database will be used to find the right spectacles for the right people. The user needs was analyzed by the local eye-clinic, but now we are using the KEA students (Copenhagen School of Optometrists) to analyze the needs of users.

TV2 Lorry

TV2 is a danish national television, so the program below in in Danish. But you can still enjoy the pictures, they are from September 2020.