Donate your spectacles

We accept all glasses, including sunglasses - as long as they have strength

You can drop off your glasses at one of our regular collection points or send them directly to us.

During the year we hold collection campaigns where there will be several regional collection points. As we currently transport the glasses by plane, we only have the option to take cases with us to a limited extent. We currently have a small warehouse in Denmark and therefore currently do not need more cases, but would like more glasses.

Find your collection point on the map below, or in the list further down the page.

Become a member and support our cause

Thank you for donating your used glasses to Africa.
If you want to help ensure that we can distribute even more of the glasses collected, we would be grateful for your membership

Send us your glasses

You can ship your used spectacles directly to the address below

Bedre Syn til Afrika
v. Charlotte Strandfelt
Risbjerggårds Alle 7
2650 Hvidovre