About our project

Who are we?

We are dedicated zealots who help children and adults in Africa to a new life.

In the western world, we take it for granted. If you are visually impaired, you will be given glasses. But for the many children and adults in Africa who often have to live on less than a dollar a day, glasses are a luxury they can rarely afford. We established our association to collect used glasses in Denmark, and create the necessary logistics to ensure that the glasses end up on the right noses.

We collect, categorize, restore, and distribute glasses to those in need in Africa.

Our approach

Our purpose
Our purpose is to collect and offer glasses to the local population in the third world, thereby increasing the quality of life and opportunities for those in need.

The purpose of the association is to collect and offer glasses to the local population in Den trejde
world, so that they can increase their quality of life, among other things, in the form of being able to participate in
school teaching, take an education or carry out several and varied tasks, for i
ultimately being able to take care of themselves and their family. This is help for self-help.

The association also works for a better life in the Third World within health, education and human rights. This is done through concrete projects that are related to the association’s main purpose and where knowledge of a subject area or local conditions in the recipient country will make it possible to make a positive difference. New projects can be started by all the association’s members, but must be approved in advance by the board sitting at any time, which has the right not to approve a project. Furthermore, work is being done to inform and engage new groups about the association’s area of activity both in Denmark and the Third World.

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The glasses' path to Africa
Have you thought about what actually happens when a Dane hands in his glasses for recycling?

To find the next user for the glasses, the glasses must first be cleaned and sanitized. Perhaps the nose pads need to be changed and then the strength and structural defects of the glasses need to be clarified.

Then you have to find the person who needs the same vision correction. Complex glasses with structural defects, large strengths and smooth transitions are also important to get to the users in Africa and in order to be able to have the right one in stock, we have the glasses organized in what we call a Glasses Library.

We have made a collaboration agreement with the optometrist school in Moshi, Tanzania, that we establish the first actual Spectacle Library in collaboration with the local optometrist school. The students at the school down there will have the opportunity to participate in the work around preparing the glasses. It is the idea that in the long term we will establish branches of the Glasses Library around the poorest part of the world

Our Partners

Become a member and support our cause

We have very successfully collected glasses from thousands of helpful Danes. To ensure that the glasses end up with the right recipients, we ourselves are responsible for all the work to ensure vision tests and distribution in Africa. For only DKK 150 you can support our work as a supporting member. For that money, we put glasses on 5 noses in Africa.