We have membership for persons and for businesses. When you are taking a membership, you are giving economic support to Better Vision to Africa, which in the end mean that you can make a big difference for the people that cannot buy spectacles themseves.

Personal membership is for single person, students and families:

  • Kr. 150 for a single person
  • Kr. 100 for students
  • Kr. 250 for a whole family

MobilePay 189898 – Please enter your phone number and our team will get in touch for registration.

or you can send an email to

The e-mail should contain the following personal information:

  • Name, phone number and address

Partnership for shops selling spectacles

In Better Vision to Africa, we know that you have a busy life, therefore it should be easy to become partner. If you are making a partnership with us, in the end it means that together we make a difference for people that cannot buy spectacles for themseves.

A partnership costs kr. 2.500 per clinic, which you can transfer via MobilePay using the number 189898 and write the company name in the comments. Then you have your partnership. Remember that the amout is tax-deductible.

As a partner, you have the right to be registered as a spectacle collector on our homepage. You can also reference our social media media content from your own social media accounts.

Many thanks for supporting
Better Vision to Africa